• Mbarara: 07403397983, Kampala: 0757169582
  • info@uwezomicrofinance.com

Our Mission

To be the leading SME lender of choice in the region

Our Vision

All SME’s accessing affordable tailor-made financing.

Our Values





We are Uwezo Microfinance, legally registered as Uwezo Financial Services Limited. We have been in the business of Micro Credit in Kampala since 2019 and most recently in Mbarara. We believe in uplifting and growing one another. We design our products and services in such a way that you can’t fail but succeed. We simplify everything about Uwezo and break it down to Days. We believe in sharing knowledge, experience, opportunities and prosperity with our community. We are passionate about technology. We aspire to put control in customers’ hand in a way that is safe, fun and enjoyable. 


Our Business community found themselves in a crisis where foreign owned cooperates could never understand them. These cooperates never customized their services nor their products as such our people kept on organizing but with difficulties. Uwezo was born to localize financial services and products. At Uwezo, we put in play our rich knowledge in banking, business and culture to give our customers a local African menu. We see a fully flagged Bank with branches in all regions of Uganda. Our young population having easy access to uncollateralized credit of up to Ugx. 50,000,000. 


We see a prosperous nation with a Microfinance sector that supports you to succeed.